Spring '14


Guy: Hey, babe, want to go for a ride on my Harley?

Girl: Get lost, creep.

Guy: (points to his bluetooth) Uh, excuse me, I’m on the phone.

Girl: Oh, sorry.

Guy: It’s ok. Anyway, are you ready for tonight? We’re gonna bone, right?

Girl: Ew, you pervert. I said get lost!

Guy: (points to bluetooth) Excuse me! Still on the phone!

Girl: Oh my God! So sorry.

Guy: It’s ok, ha, I guess it can be confusing with my ear piece and all.

Girl: Oh—sorry? I’m on the phone. (points to her bluetooth)

Guy: Huh? I’m on the phone. (points to his bluetooth)

His Bluetooth: Hey, what’s a Bluetooth like you doing on an ear like hers?

Her Bluetooth: Get lost, creep.

His Bluetooth: (points to even smaller bluetooth) Excuse me, I’m on my Bluetooth.

Her Bluetooth: (points to her bluetooth) Me, too.