Fall '16

Welcome aboard Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is James, and I will be powering this revolving door. Let me be the first to welcome you aboard Revolving Door #745 travelling to the inside of this building with continuing service to the outside of this building.

Our crew members include Lauren, Jake, Michael, and Gina, who are all squished into the same quadrant of this revolving door as I am. If you look in through the glass windows you can see them waving.

It should be a smooth trip, lasting anywhere from 5 seconds to 2 and a half hours depending on air pockets, turbulence, and whether or not I get too excited and push this revolving door as fast as I can nonstop. Honestly, there’s no telling.

Before we take off, please direct your attention to my Youtube account: RevolvingDoorCaptain4Real, so you can watch the safety video I made myself. Thank you for choosing to use Revolving Door #745, Our Door Is Always OpenTM. Enjoy your trip!