Which Disney Princess Are You? 

Spring '14


  1. How do you wear your hair?

    a. In a cool, funky bob
    b. Short and curly – all natural!
    c. Long and straight, ain’t nothing wrong with that!
    d. Short
  2. What do you look for in a guy?

    a. Tall, dark, and handsome :)
    b. Cool, mysterious, and kind of aloof (sorry, I can’t help it!)
    c. Outgoing and blonde, like that dreamboat Leo DiCaprio
    d. Maybe just companionship or something
  3. What’s your around-the-house outfit?

    a. Something comfy, like my PJs or a snuggie (I know, I’m so bad!)
    b. Athletic stuff, like shorts and a sweatshirt
    c. I like to strip down ;) Just underwear and a tee-shirt
    d. Some flannel and a pair of Wranglers
  4. How do you spend your ideal Saturday night?

    a. Curl up in bed and binge watch movies on Netflix
    b. Hang out with a few close friends, nothing crazy
    c. Go out dancing! It’s your night, girl!
    d. Finishing up some work in the shed, maybe catching up on some of those earlier projects I never got around to sanding.
  5. What’s your zodiac sign?

    a. Sagittarius – I’m wild and not afraid of confrontation!
    b. Aries – I’m fun n’ flrity ;)
    c. Capricorn – I’m kinda introverted, but I can get out of my shell with a few close friends
    d. I was born on March 4th, 1958, so whatever sign that is.
  6. What’s your favorite sport to watch?

    a. Basketball – I’m a daddy’s girl
    b. Soccer – those Euro hotties have hottt bodies!
    c. Baseball – I’m just like one of the guys lol!
    d. Golf. It’s nice and relaxing to watch while sorting plywood.
  7. Are you a daddy’s girl or a mommy’s princess?

    a. I’m always mommy’s little princess
    b. Daddy’s girl all the way!
    c. Mommy and daddy love me the same
    d. My mom passed on a while back and my dad didn’t talk much except for when he was teaching me the ropes of woodworking.
  8. What’s your biggest fear?

    a. Spiders! Icccckkkkk
    b. Snakes – those little freaks give me the heeby-jeebies!
    c. The dark – I always do that thing where you turn the lights off and then, like, sprint to your bed just to like hide under the covers and escape the scary monsters
    d. The war

If you answered….

    - More than 4 (a)’s, you’re Ariel

    - More than 4 (b)’s, you’re Snow White

    - More than 4 (c)’s, you’re Jasmine

    - More than 4 (d)’s, you’re professional woodworker Dean McCallister