Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can I Pick Up The Magazine?

You can pick up the magazine on the 7th Floor of Kimmel Center in the Publication Lab, on the 3rd floor of GCASL on the magazine racks, or you can request it from the pound where all the other unwanted college humor publications are.

Any Famous Alumni?

Not too many. Judah Friedlander used to write for the Plague. Oh yeah, also, these guys.

What's Your Selection Process?

Mainly we see if we laugh at a piece, then we check to make sure the author's name doesn't sound too ethnic.

What Kind Of Pieces Do You Run?

We mainly do monologues, short stories, dialogues and/or Shouts and Murmurs pieces re-written with laugh tracks included. But we're open to anything!

Can We Advertise With You?

Only if they are humorous advertisements (e.g. Flo from Progressive, GEICO ads, or those two Sonic guys just talking, boy they're kooky!) 

Where Do I Submit?

Send your ideas, pieces, or photoshops to!