The Kindergartener Cop

Kindergartner puts on his police uniform but it drapes over him like a robe.

Cop: It's the smallest size we got, Sarge!

Sargent: Jesus fuck.

Kindergartner's police cap falls over his eyes. He fumbles his gun and drops it. 


Cop: Judging by the blood stains here and here, it looks like our perp raped the dead body and disposed of i behind these bushes--but where is the body now? Alright rookie, let's see what you've got.

Cap over his eyes, Kindergartner is now bobbling is gun, his baton, handcuffs, and a juicebox.

Kid: Wuh-wuhoah--woah--uh oh!

He drops his gun and it goes off, striking someone from Forensics

Sargent: Wait a second. "Wuh-wuhoah--woah--uh oh!" Christ that's it! Good work kid.

Cop: (snears) Lucky guess, little fuck.

Kindergartner bobble his baton and drops it in a puddle of blood.


Perp: Well, well, well, what do we have here? A pig without his gun and some kid.

Perp raises his gun to Cop's head.

Perp: Sorry you have to see this little man—

Kindergartner clumsily drops his gun, it goes off and strikes Perp between the eyes then somehow ricochets and hits the rope on Cop's hands, untying him.

Cop: Hey, kid...thanks.

Kindergartner lifts his police cap from over his eyes. 

Kid: Huh? Wuh-what'd I do, Mister?

The whole force suddenly arrive and everyone laughs heartily.