The Last-Minute Gift Of The Magi

Spring '16

Della: Merry Christmas, Jim. Before I give you my gift, I feel I must tell you something: I cut off my hair in order to buy you a chain for your watch. It’s sold, I tell you—sold and gone, too. But I sold it for you. Maybe the hairs of my head could be counted, but my love for you could never be counted.

Jim: Della, my dear! Ah, you know what?

Jim remembers he forgot to pick up a gift on the way home from work

Jim: I must have left your gift in the car. Let me run out and get it!

Jim runs outside, 2 minutes pass, Jim runs back in

Jim: Here we are! For you, my dear.

Jim presents Della with an ice scraper that still has some snow on it

Della: Oh, um. Thanks.