The Ticket Master 

Spring '16

You there! Boy! Come here. No, closer. Thine eyes are young and eager and thine ears beg for adventure. Let me spin you a tale. One of great triumph and mystery. ‘Tis the legend of the great and noble Ticket Master.

Many years ago, there was a lowly servant boy. This young Ticket Servant found work squiring for a local Events Lord. He spent his days toiling away, selling face-value tickets to fairs, various exhibitions, and stand-up comedy shows. For years the Ticket Squire refined his ticketing prowess until the Events Lord took him on as his Ticket Apprentice. He then learned to conjure up magical service fees and create captchas of such complexity that scalping bots would tremble at the mere mention of his name. In 2010, he merged with the Lords of Live Nation. It was then that the Ticket Apprentice transformed into the Ticket Master: the most powerful ticket vendor across the kingdom and one of the most reasonably-priced, too.

Now, where, you may ask, is this great Ticket Master now? He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He is in you. He is in me. He is reachable online, by phone, and, in some cities, in-person. Just know, when you most need him, the Ticket Master will be there with a wicked smile upon his lips and a pre-sale code in his hands.