Top Five Forgotten Presidents!

Fall '14



The United States of America has had a lot of presidents over the years. 44 and counting! It can be hard to keep track of all the presidents, so much so that a few have slipped through the cracks over the years. This article should help you remember those elusive Commander-in-Chiefs, because don’t we all wish we could have a better memory sometimes?


4.Gerald Ford

This guy was definitely a president, right? Just kidding, of course he was and of course I remember! Apparently he was a pretty heavy drinker, AKA, my kind of guy! I think he was the 40th president? I would check the internet to make sure but I can’t remember my password. I wonder if my son Matt would know, I’m trying to call him but it says the line is inactive.  Oh well, Gerald Ford, he was a president and people forget him sometimes!


5. Millard Fillmore

More like Millard Fill-me-in-more cause I bet you didn’t know about this guy! Fillmore was the 13th president of the United States, and he seems to be forgotten by just about every American, including this writer. Admittedly, my memory has been a little fuzzy, but I hope I’m not alone on this one. Fillmore seemed like a pretty good guy though so let’s drink to remembering him, what do you say?


3. Barack Obama

This man was apparently a United States President although quite honestly, I’ve never seen him in my life or even heard of him! Maybe its the alcohol again, or maybe my brain, but this man is a mystery to me. Anyway, this man was apparently a United Staes president, although I’ve never heard of him. Did I already say that? My head hurts.


2. Millard Fillmore

They call him Millard Fill-me-in-more cause me alls want to know about this guy! Excuse me--I’d. Like. To. Know. About. This. what I mean. Man, presidents sure are easy to forget right? I guess it’s easier to forget after you crash your 1998 Honda Civic into a school when you were about to pick up your son


1.  Millard Fillmeinmore

I have to say that I totally forgot about ole Millard, until I heard myself talking about him a second ago. I think he was one of our better presidents, though, and I can sympathize with not being remembered.


So there you have it, the top 10 forgotten presidents!